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Sunday, December 1st

Seattle Necchu School Open House

Learn as the curious 7 year old you once were

Improve yourself, your creativity, and your expressiveness

Meet and make unique connections

Take strides forward with your peers

Create a better Future

Experience special classes for free before the 2nd Term starts in February 2020!

Date: Sunday, December 1st 

  • Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Doors open 12:45 pm)

Class Schedule:

*All classes will be taught in Japanese

*Schedule is subject to change without notification


1st Class: Symbiosis - Akio Inomata

   Oku Aizu Japan Honeybee Association, President


2nd Class: Music - Mako & Munjuru

   Ryukyu Music Performance Group

Fee: Free

Requirements: 18 years or older

Capacity: 80 people. RSVP is on a first come first serve basis

Language: Japanese

Place: Bellevue Children's Academy Building 2 Campus

14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98007 (Map)

Register today! Click the button below!

Mako & Munjuru1.jpg

Open House Instructors


Akio Inomata

Oku Aizu Japan Honeybee Association, President

Matagi of Oku Aizu

Akio Inomata is one of the last "Matagi" who live one with the forest. He believes that the most important resources in the mountain are the bears and honeybees. Being raised by his matagi father, Inomata's father was found killed by a bear after a search and rescue. Currently, Inomata hunts bear and deer in the winter, collects honey from honeybees in the spring, and teaches children about the nature and environment in the summer.

Mako & Munjuru全体写真.JPG

Mako & Munjuru

Ryukyu Music Performance Group

Mako & Munjuru base their activities in the Puget Sound area, especially in Seattle, to introduce and perform Ryukyu Music and Dance. Mako, the group leader of Munjuru, participates in local festivals, school events, events at retirements homes, and many others, as both a solo performance and a group performance.

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