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Thank You for Coming to the Open House!

Saturday, December 1st

Seattle Necchu School Open House

Learn as the curious 7 year old you once were

Improve yourself, your creativity, and your expressiveness

Meet and make unique connections

Take strides forward with your peers

Create a better Future

Experience 3 special classes for free before the school opens in February 2019!

Date: Saturday, December 1st 

*Choose either A or B

  • A Class 9:30 am - 1:00 pm (Opening Ceremony, Classes)

  • B Class 4:00 pm - 7:30 pm (Opening Ceremony, Classes)

Class Schedule:

*A and B have the same schedule but at different times

*All classes will be taught in Japanese


Opening Ceremony: Kazufu Hotta

Founder of Necchu Elementary School 

President of Office KOROBOCL Co., Ltd.

1st Period: Science - Noboru Okubo


President of Necchu School Tokyo Branch

2nd Period: History - Tatsuhiko Konno

Chief Instructor of Musokai, Sward polishing specialist

3rd Period: Home Economics - Yoko Takahashi & Yoko Hiraki

Omusubi Team from Takaoka Necchu Terakoya

Fee: Free

Requirements: 18 years or older

Capacity: 60 people for each class. First come first serve basis

Place: Bellevue Children's Academy Building 2 Campus

14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98007 (Map)

Register today! Please click A Class or B Class below.


Open House Instructors


Hotta Kazufu

Founder of Necchu Elementary School 
President of Office KOROBOCL Co., Ltd.

Hotta Kazufu entered IBM Japan after he graduated from Keio University’s economics department. He served as Executive Director of Sales Manager, Software Division Manager, General System Division Director. He received an MBA from Indiana University. After retiring from IBM Japan, he joined Fuji Software as Vice President, and after serving as Vice Chairman, he has served as an advisor to Uchida Yoko and Director of Cybernet Systems. He established the Office Korobocl in Tokyo, and began projects including Necchu Elementary School to revitalize rural regions in Japan.


Noboru Okubo

CEO of UCHIDA YOKO CO.,LTD. / President of Necchu School Tokyo Branch

Mr. Noboru Okubo has been President of Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd. since July 2014 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Marketing Division. Mr. Okubo served as Senior Managing Executive Officer, Head of Educational Resources Information Center and General Manager of Public Benefit Unit at Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.


Yoko Hiraki

Omusubi Team from Takaoka Necchu Terakoya

Ms. Yoko Hiraki worked at the Takaoka City Hall and is currently the Secretary General of Takaoka Necchu Terakoya. After her retirement, she volunteered to establish Takaoka Necchu Terakoya and act as the secretary general. She is involved in the planning and management of Otaya Children's Restaurant. Her hobbies include swimming, climbing, opera, and researching food culture around the world.


Yoko Takahashi

Omusubi Team from Takaoka Necchu Terakoya

Mrs. Yoko Takahashi is Chairman of the Girl’s Scout in Takaoka District and is President of the 
Women’s Rehabilitation Association in Takaoka, Toyama Prefecture. Following her husband’s relocation, Mrs. Yoko Takahashi move to many places such as Kumamoto, Miyazaki, and Niigata,
and learned of local cuisine and culture. Her passion for food and entrepreneurship lead her to her current profession. She currently volunteers to establish Takaoka Necchu Terakoya and acts as the Vice Representative. 


Tatsuhiko Konno

Chief Instructor of Musokai, Sword Polishing Specialist

Mr. Konno is a professional sword polisher. Mr. Konno wrote The Fundamental Japanese Sword Handbook published at Kokushikan University under instruction of Kanzan Sato. Mr. Konno has studied with several polishers including NBTHK sponsored training for which he received official certification. He has curated numerous exhibits including The Swords of the Samurai, which showed at Washington State University and the Bellevue Art Museum with the support of the Consul General of Japan and the US government.

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