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Second Term

Feb - June 2020

Over the course of 5 months from February 2020 to June 2020, students will have the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of experts and rediscover the world as a curious child. Classes will happen on the first Sunday of each month, unless notified otherwise. A term is considered as a set of 5 classes. Therefore, partial payments and refunds will not be available. In case of missed classes, students will be able to access a video recording of the class. All classes are taught in Japanese.



Seattle Necchu Second Term Schedule (February ~ June 2020)

At Bellevue Children's Academy​ (Campus 2)

  • Sunday, February 2nd: 1st Class / Opening Ceremony

  • Sunday, March 1st: 2nd Class - Canceled due to COVID-19

  • Sunday, April 5th: 3rd Class - Canceled due to COVID-19

  • Sunday, May 3rd: 4th Class - Canceled due to COVID-19

  • Sunday, June 7th: 5th Class / Graduation Ceremony - Canceled due to COVID-19

Class Hours

  • 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm (Doors open at 12:45 pm)


  • Please scroll down to find all Necchu teachers in 2020.

Max. Class Size

  • 80 people (16 years or older)


  • 14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA 98007  USA


  • $120 for the semester (total 5 days with 10 classes)


  • Meet and build networks within students and teachers

  • Get a student's passport to participate classes at any Necchu Schools in Japan for FREE

      (Validity period: January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020 )

  • Students have an access for classes online. Watch lessons taught by experts online.




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生徒募集チラシ 2.jpg

As of Jan. 1, 2020

1st Session: Sunday, February 2nd Opening Ceremony


Yuichi Kanagawa

< CEO of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation >

Yuichi Kanagawa became the CEO of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation in 2016 after being the CEO of Q&A Corporation. He graduated Waseda University in Education and is also the president of the Yokogawa Electrics Volleyball OB Club. In April of 1982, Yuichi joined Yokogawa Electric Works Ltd. (now Yokogawa Electric Corporation). In November of 1996, Yuichi made the Q&A Corporation from the predecessor company, growing it into a $200 million company. Later in 2016, he became the CEO of Yokogawa Rental & Lease Corporation and doubling their revenue to $600 million in three years. With his 20 years of experience as a CEO, as well as a player and coach of volleyball for students and adults, Yuichi Kanagawa has a wide variety of life lessons from "the secret of making a business successful" to "what is important when working" and "what is important in life".


Masa Iwasaki

< Co-Founder of Webrain Think Tank LLC. >

Raised in Kanagawa Prefecture, Masa Iwasaki was employed in London for an online database company from 1989 to 1991. In 1995, he joined the communications team of a general trading company for 25 years. After working in New York, Silicon Valley, and Seattle, Masa is now one of the co-founders of Webrain Thinktank; a thinktank that develops research and team training. He and his company offers training for skills that Japanese companies require to succeed internationally, as well as team building and training for integration between Japanese and international executives. Masa Iwasaki also does presentations on the innovation and industry of business and how new technology affects it.

2nd Session: Sunday, March 1st


Midori Tago

< Vice Principal of Necchu Hagi Meirinkan >

Midori Tago strives in Tokyo as the founder and CEO of Cosmopia Co.,Ltd., a company that faces and comes up with solutions for societal problems. As the representative for her company, she offers support in implementing and using ICT systems. Midori also nurtures female leaders and offers career support. For her hometown of Hagi, she takes on the role of "Hometown Representative", connecting Tokyo and Hagi.


Lori Matsukawa

Photo was taken by

photographer Rosemary Dai Ross.

< Emmy Award Winning Broadcast Journalist >

Lori Matsukawa is an Emmy award winning broadcast journalist with 40 years in the industry.  Recently retired after 36 years as an anchor and reporter at KING TV in Seattle, she previously anchored, reported and produced newscasts in Portland OR and Redding CA. Matsukawa’s professional awards include “Communicator of the Year” from the Association for Women in Communications, Seattle Chapter (2009); a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from the Asian American Journalists Association (2006) and induction into the University of Washington Communication Department’s Alumni Hall of Fame (2005) and the Department's Distinguished Alumna Award (2015).  In 2014, Lori was inducted into the Silver Circle of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Northwest Chapter. Matsukawa won two Northwest Regional Emmy Awards, one in 2018 for her series “Prisoners in Their Own Land” about the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II and another in 2019 for “Shane Sato: Portraits of Courage” about a photographer's mission to photograph Nisei veterans who served as part of America's “Greatest Generation.”


3rd Session: Sunday, April 5th


Kazunori Asada

< Principal of Necchu Etanbetsu >

Director of TEDxSapporo. An independent researcher living in Sapporo with two doctorate degrees in Medicine and Media Design. In 1997, he founded Open Loop; a company specializing in information security technology. Currently, he is an independent researcher with multiple specialties (IT, cryptography, medicine, mathematics, media design, color science). Kazunori has invented apps like "Color Glasses" that make it easier to distinguish colors for people with color impairment, "Color Simulator" to understand how people with color impairments see colors, and "Bright and Large" to assist vision for people with presbyopia, cataracts, and low vision, etc., and has made them all free of charge. They are used by over 500,000 people in about 100 countries.

Fumi (1).jpg

Fumi Tagata

< Vocalist, Vocal Trainer, Choral Instructor >

After graduating from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Fumi went to the United States to study at UW. In addition to various performances such as recitals, choral solos, operas, etc., she was also invited to many community events such as the singing of the American national anthem at the opening ceremony of the Mariners, and also introduced Japanese songs, nursery rhymes and singing songs that otherwise would have not been performed anywhere else. In response to the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011, she launched the song support group "Songs of Hope" by musicians mainly in Seattle, and expanded the circle of support for Tohoku through music, contributing to the community building in Seattle. Currently, she performs in various concerts, private and group voice training, and teaches male and female voices, children, and choirs.

4th Session: Sunday, May 3rd


Eugene Kawamoto

< IT General Manager>

Yujin graduated from Doshisha University with an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley. After joining IBM as a new graduate, he worked as an investment banker and launched Amazon Web Services (AWS) Japan's Japanese business in 2011, and in 2014, he became the first Japanese headquarters executive in Seattle to oversee the business development team that provides database, analytics, and machine learning services. In 2018, Yujin launched a U.S. team based in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area as its U.S. business manager for Soracom. From 2020, he became the product development manager for database services at AWS again.


Asako Sullivan

< Fermented Food Master>

Born in Nerima, Tokyo, Asako has lived in the US for over 30 years and currently lives in Seattle. On Sundays, as a child, she used to dive into her father's bed to watch Graham Carr's "World Culinary Show" and "Kanetaka Kaoru's Journey Around the World". As the seasons passed, her father took her to pick strawberries, water celery, grapes, and pears, as well as enjoyed fishing in Tokyo Bay and returning home and cooking with her mother. Awakening to environmentally friendly cuisine after visiting the sustainability education facility of 21 Acres in Woodinville, Asako became the kitchen manager of 21 Acres for 6 years, using local, seasonal ingredients. In 2018, she launched The Sustainable Collective with the theme of "mind and body; environmentally friendly eating habits".

5th Session: Sunday, June 7th Closing Ceremony


Yasushi Kurosasa

< Vice Principal of Necchu Jyuku>

Born in 1950, Yasushi joined Shogakukan in 1974, producing manga hits such as "Sunset on Third Street", "Tsuribaka Nisshi", and "Human Scramble". Later, he became editor-in-chief of Lapita, Beepal, edu. He is the model of Hama-chan, the main character of “Tsuribaka Nisshi”. In 2011, he moved to Kochi and established the Nangoku Institute of Living Technology. Since 2015, he was appointed as a special professor of the Faculty of Regional Collaboration of Kochi University. He is now a member of the Cabinet Office of Town, People and Work Creation Center, "Let's live in the country!"

SatoshiNakajima (1).jpg

Satoshi Nakajima

< Engineer, Entrepreneur >

Terms and Conditions

  • All information regarding classes and confirmations will be conducted through email. Upcoming classes and news will be sent through email as well.

  • Payments are non-refundable. Payment must be made in full, and payments cannot be made for only certain classes. In the case of a missed class, registered students will be able to view a recorded version of the class.

  • Use of personal information

    • The information you provide during registration will only be used by the Necchu Elementary School group for administration purposes, and to contact you.

    • The Necchu Elementary School group may use your provided information to contact you for newsletters, upcoming events, and surveys.

    • Your information will not be shared with a third-party.

    • Pictures and video footage may be taken during events and classes. These pictures and videos may be used for operational purposes including, but not exclusive to, flyers, ads, pamphlets, commercials, and social media posts.


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